What literature has taught me about the effects of racism – English 10

What literature has taught me about the effects of racism.

Racism has played a huge part in humanity for years and still does. Way back when the Holocaust was occurring the Nazi’s killed and captured Jewish people, Communists, and more. Recent and current times are still filled with racism. When a young black boy may get treated differently in a public school located in a ‘white’ suburban area just based on what pigment his skin is.”The Watch” gave us a taste of how the Holocaust effected humanity, whereas “Danger of Silence” shared how we should speak up for what right and what we3 believe in. Racism happened, is happening and will happen until as a whole, all different kinds of people, make a change to stop it. In “Indian Horse” Saul dealt with racism more then often. He resulted in a negative outcome of alcoholism and always angry with demons that stuck in his head for a long time. Racism effects humans in different ways, its how they deal with them that shows how to change for the future.

“Rise Up” Andra Day

“Rise Up” Andra Day – Analyzation








Meaning: When life is not going your way finding someone or a group of people and climbing over that ladder to a better day or life can be helpful and motivate you more.

Theme Statement: When ones life is not going great, seeking companionship and help through other may result in overcoming bad times.

“Tell Tale Heart” -alternate ending in new point of view.

The point of view I chose was objective.

Knocking at the door he ran down the stairs, collected himself and opened the door. With a deep breath he invited the three police officer’s in to talk. He place three chairs in the exact room the fresh cut up body rested under the wooden planks. He acted cool with all of this. Slowly a sound grew louder in his head. It was the heartbeat, the heartbeat he claimed to be the old mans. Louder and louder he began to go insane. He began cursing, he raved and he foamed. He through the chair to the side ripped the wood planks up, yelled: “HERE, HERE!” The body was shown to the police officer’s and they knew, the knew the truth; this man was criminally insane. The three officer’s soon clenched cold, metallic and heavy handcuffs to the crazy man’s wrists. He would be locked up for the rest of is life.

How does one recover from extreme hardship?

How does one recover from extreme hardship?

The Watch by Elie Wiesel

In the short story “The Watch” by Elie Wiesel, he wrote this journey to take us through his upsetting, yet motivationalodyssey as a survivor of a Nazi camp during WWII. Elie was born  and lived in Sighet, Romania, he was raised following the Jewish religious beliefs in a ghetto area. Forced to live in this area, Elie and his family still manage to live the best life they can. Being Jewish he had a bar mitzvah at the age of 13, he received a gold watch: “As for me, my only possession was my watch. (Page 1)” This was a general gift to show the newly made man that he now had responsibilities and had to act more carefully towards the Torah, its rules and laws. Taken to the Nazi camp at 15 he found himself, along with his parents and sister, burying his watch along with all their most valuable or attached items before they left. They buried them in their garden. During the time spent in the Nazi camp Elie, his family and others trapped in this horrible place had the mindset that they would get out and retrieve their past lives. Twenty years later Elie went back to the exact spot in his old garden that he buried the watch and started to dig. Once he found it he reburied it. This symbolized him moving on from his dreaded memories and leaving them buried with his watch: “In retrospect, I tell myself that probably I simply wanted to leave my past behind me, underneath the silent soil, a reflection of my presence. (Page 5)”  According to this short story Elie Wiesel recovered from extreme hardship by burring his watch along with horrible memories. 


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Where does one find beauty in the face of extreme conflict?

Extreme conflict can come in numerous different forms. Relationships, environmental, and self conflict can all be very hard to overcome. That is not the least of them. Environmental can be life changing, scaring and life threatening. Relationships are something every human will form, some may mean more then others, yet you value each one differently. Self conflict can be presented and taken different ways, conflict with someone else can do serious harm on you emotions. Conflict between thoughts sound easy to over come, yet you still have them floating around constantly. You may be able to overcome some extreme conflicts, not all, but by finding a source to talk about the conflicts can seriously help take some pressure off you. Looking for a form of exercise or a new hobby to take your mind of of it can result in time away from the problems. Seeking a conclusion may help you as every story must come to an end and knowing the end can help you close the book. Take the time, you may find something you believe in strongly, a god like figure, and asking for forgiveness, patients, help, the answer and so many more can help you bust that wall down. Some people may turn to magazines or books for relationship advice. You see the forest fires that were on TV, the communities that came together to help one another find some kind of happiness. You need to seek what you believe may help. What will you find that helps you over come conflict? How does it help you? Why?

A source that can help you overcome extreme conflict is the book “The One and Only Ivan”, I refer to this book a lot as it tells so much. To overcome his conflict Ivan found friendship, a hobby and a love connection.



What it mean to be human…

Humans want to communicate

Humans have/ need a dream

Humans have a desire to help others

Humans seek happiness

Humans need friends/Humans need companions

Humans want to learn/ seek knowledge

Humans need to express their emotions

Humans can be ignorant and should be more aware

Humans are violent

Humans fight for what they believe in

Humans have conflict/war

Humas prevale dispute conflict

Humans may abuse power

Humans evolve

Humans want to be remembered because most like recognition

Humans disagree

Humans may be discriminatory/racist

Humans like to make our lives easier and better

Humans like to help and fight against perceived injustice

Humans are curious and seek knowledge

In the book The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, I learned that emotions play a huge part in humans lives. The book is about a gorilla, however, the characteristics and emotions I felt I could easily put myself into the character of Ivan and feel what he was feeling. Ivan was a gorilla who was alone in a cage and learned to paint and have fun within his cage. He was abused by the zookeeper and made friends with other animals but he taught me you will go through hard times and abuse, verbally, mentally, or physically but, you can over come them in time. Ivan finishes by finding something that motivated him to overcome the past wounds and memories and try to help the someone who motivated him. With this story I learned there will be hard times and memories that may last forever, but, you will break that shell and experience a whole different world and meaning of life.