Friday Writes Composition

Friday Writes

Portfolio – Outline

Good Copy – (3) In the Eye of the Beholder

Drafts [ (1-2) (4-8) ]

(1) The Cost of the Decision

(2) Explosion of Consequences

(4) The Grocery Store

(5) She is my Sandcastle

(6) United as Family

(7) Recognizing the Process of Changing

(8) A Day in the Life of the Conceded

Lit Circle 2 – Illustrator and Horoscope Profile

Discussion – Illustrator

This discussion was alike our first, it was still introducing the characters and getting more into depth of Lale and his personality. Lale was promoted to be Tätowierer – he tattoos the incoming prisoners. Throughout the chapter, he gets to know a girl. This girl turns into a person of Lale’s interest. He runs into her on Sunday’s and sends her notes. I chose to illustrate the girls barcode number as he refers to her as that throughout the while chapter. If I could think of one way to symbolize this reading section, it would be this.





Horoscope Profile – Main Character – Lale