Week 1 – Precalculus 11

This week, being the first week of Precalculus, involved a lot of new feelings and knowledge. I found the first lesson fairly easy to grasp. Due to the formulas being provided, plugging in the corresponding information into that formula was the easy part… Because it was given to you. However, the most challenging piece I have been faced with over the last week would be when you had to solve for something that was not given to you directly at the beginning of the exercise. After numerous tries I finally got the hang of it. Provided bellows a question in which you have to solve for a part that is not there. Luckily with the help of algebra you can the answer!


t_1=3,d=4,and,t_n=59-find n

Step One : Plug in what you know!


59 = 3 + (n-1)4

Step Two : Distribute the 4 into the brackets.

59 = 3 + (4n-4)

Step Three : Remove the 3. (add the opposites!)

59  + (-3) = 4n-4

56 = 4n-4

Step Four: move the -4 to the opposite side.

56 +4 = 4n

60 = 4n

Step Five : Divide!

\frac{60}4 = n

15 = n

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