What literature has taught me about the effects of racism – English 10

What literature has taught me about the effects of racism.

Racism has played a huge part in humanity for years and still does. Way back when the Holocaust was occurring the Nazi’s killed and captured Jewish people, Communists, and more. Recent and current times are still filled with racism. When a young black boy may get treated differently in a public school located in a ‘white’ suburban area just based on what pigment his skin is.”The Watch” gave us a taste of how the Holocaust effected humanity, whereas “Danger of Silence” shared how we should speak up for what right and what we3 believe in. Racism happened, is happening and will happen until as a whole, all different kinds of people, make a change to stop it. In “Indian Horse” Saul dealt with racism more then often. He resulted in a negative outcome of alcoholism and always angry with demons that stuck in his head for a long time. Racism effects humans in different ways, its how they deal with them that shows how to change for the future.