Week 8 Math 10

This Week in Math 10…

Week 8 was continuing on from last week when we began Trigonometry, this week was just an addition to the lessons. We looked into how to find missing angles using Trig. It took me longer to figure out than any other thing for this unit.

In both shade of blue you have the BASICS. A right triangle, a missing angle, the measurements 30 m and 12 m. In red I wrote ‘What I Know’. I can easily find all the sides if I have an angle and a right angle. I labeled each side along with L M S witch tells me normally the hypotenuse is the L / Large as it is the longest side, and where ever the reference angle is, directly across from it is the M / Medium side that is exactly the same rule for finding the opposite side. That leaves the adjacent side leftover to mark S / Small. In black there is the equation to solve for the missing angle, in this case you only have the numbers 30 and 12 and once you have labeled their sides you use SOH CAH TOA and solve. In this case I used sine as i had labeled and found out that the hypotenuse is 30 m and 12 is the opposite side. Once I plugged them into the equation for sine, I found that I didn’t have the angle so using algebra knowledge you have to get theta by its self. In order to do that you have to use INVERSE SINE. You can do this for all, cosine or tangent. and just right it with a negative one as I did in the photo. Hint: There should be a button on your calculator! I got the result 24 out of all of that! In green I added a hint, that symbol thats in the spot where the angle should be is a greek letter called THETA. It is used a lot in math especially in angles.