“Dead Poet’s Society” Reflection and Connection

1. Reflect on the meaning of the movie and its connection to “Tomorrow”

Dead Poet’s Society is about a group of boys that go to a private school. While all these boys are very bright, most of them are forced to go to this school by their parents. When the main character Neil finds his real passion of acting he is forced to quit. I believe the meaning of this movie is that you will always be happy when perusing the thing that you love; as well as, life is to short to be protected in your own bubble.  This connects to the poem “Tomorrow” is the area that both the movie and poem are explaining how life is very short, so you don’t want to waste your time.


2. Your personal thoughts about the movie

My thoughts on the movie is that it was an all around good movie. I missed the first day of the film, but I was able to pick up on the message. The movie did a very good job at illustrating how doing something you love can change how you act and how you feel.


3. Image from the movie



Archimedes Challenge

Physics 11 (Ms Jackson)

The Physics of Ancient Inventions 

Ancient Invention: The Catapult 

By: Jaxson Abdou

Date: November 28, 2017



During the middle ages many weapons were created to help in battle. The Catapult dates back to around 400 BC, where it was invented the Greek in the city, Syracuse. The catapult was mainly built due to the rising height of castle walls. There are many different types of catapults including: Ballista, Mangonel, and Trebuchet. Our catapult is a Mangonel. During battle different objects were thrown from the catapult, these included: dead bodies, rocks, and later on, grenades.  When first built they were strictly made and used to win battles, but we still use catapults. We do not hurl projectiles at castles anymore, but we do build them to have fun.


Physics involved in your machine: 

Catapults are full of physics. From the power that the catapult has, to the distant it can force an object to travel. Our Catapult also includes elastic tension to create its power. Potential Energy is also involved due to the position of the hand. This potential energy is not due to gravity though, it is due to the elastic force. Most of the power and energy of a catapult is made from tension. Catapult physics is basically the use of stored energy to hurl a projectile.

Finding Height:

Mass: 0.5kg

Vf: 10 m/s

Vi: o m/s

g: 9.81 m/s


Finding Efficiency:

mass: 0.5kg

time: 2 seconds

Height: 5.1m

g: 9.81m/s



Design and Building Process: 

Day 1: At first we thought we were gonna make a cannon. So the first couple of days was full of drawing the machine, and making of list of supplies.

Day 2-4: After finding the design and supplies we spent a day making the cannon, these supplies included beer cans, gun powder (made of matches), and a wood platform. When finished we tested the cannon and came to the conclusion that it would not be appropriate to bring to school. The results were too powerful.

Day 5-6: After changing our Invention from the cannon to the catapult, we had lots of work to do! This included: making design, getting materials, finding the history of the catapult, and explaining the physics behind the catapult. Not gonna lie, we did a lot of procrastinating.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Final Product


Along the way we faced many challenges. Our first challenge was losing a valued partner due to differences, that could of been dealt with a lot better. The second challenge we faced, was having to change our project entirely due to the overwhelming power of the cannon. Lastly, when making the catapult we had blown a fuse in the garage. Overall this was a fun project, but I would definitely do it different next time.







Youtube video of cannon:

3 Reasons why

3 Reasons why I would not want to be stuck on this island:

This past month I have been reading the Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. I have came to the conclusion that being on the island would be a complete disaster and WOULD NOT BE FUN. Here’s why.


1. Everyone Would Smell

Imagine being on an island with multiple teenage boys. Not only are they teenage boys, they also haven’t showered for months. Months of sweating, eating, hunting, and playing the dirt, without showering. Sounds fun to me…Not. My mom won’t even allow me to eat dinner after practice until I shower.



2.  It would be a full time babysitting job!

The island not only has a bunch of stinky boys, it is also filled with little kids know as litluns. Could you babysit little kids everyday at the age of 12? I couldn’t. You would have to feed them, watch them, and put them to sleep, all while trying to take care of yourself and survive. If you lose Major props to Ralph for trying to taking care of all the little things while also trying to maintain order, as a kid!


3. There would no girls

Not only would being with a bunch teenage boys suck, there would also be no girls. Can you imagine trying to stay civilized while having no women to control you? I can’t. Not only would the island be less fun, there would also be no chance to repopulate and start civilization on the island. Which means life on the island would be a one way road to death.

$20 Potato Day

Group Members:

Morgan, Isaiah, Jaxson, lina, Henry

Unit 2

Block C



Breakfast: Hashbrowns

1 potato= 63 cents

Red pepper= $2.10

Bacon 1 pound= $5

eggs: already bought

Total cost= $7.73


Lunch: Potato pancakes

1 potato: 63 cents

1 egg (6 pack) : $3

cheese: already bought

Garlic: 1$

Total price: $4.63



Dinner: Baked potato

1 potato= 63 cents

sour cream= $2

cheese= $3

bacon= already bought

total cost= $5.63




In this section I learned about trigonometry and this included SOH CAH TOA

SOH  CAH TOA helped me when it came to finding each side of a right triangle

for example if the triangle gives you the hypotenuse and opposite then u should use the sin this is why it is SOH

And you use cos when u have the Adjacent and  hypotenuse

Measurements 2nd half

This week I learned the difference between the metric and imperial systems and how to convert them;

  • the imperial system is the american system which includes miles, feet, inches, and yards
  • The metric system which most of the world uses, includes kilometers, meters, and cm

I also learned how to find the surface area and volume of prisms and cylinders;

Volume of prism= the area of the base of prism x height

Surface area of prism= add the areas of all the surfaces together

area of base= 2(pi)r