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Week 18 – Top 5 Things I Have Learned In Precalc-11

We’ve all had a lot of fun, but if we wanted 11th grade to be our final stop in the math world we wouldn’t have taken precalc. Obviously, most have goals for next year so learning as much as possible… Continue Reading →

Week 17 – Trigonometry

This week was all about sine law and cosine law, and when to use them based on the type of triangle you get. Here’s a quick diagram that outlines the basic differences.

Week 14 – Simplifying Rational Expressions

This week we learned the basics of simplifying and canceling out rational expressions (fractions with variables in them). Here’s a quick example of the kind of problem we’d run into.

Week 15 – Simplifying Rational Expressions

This week we learned how to simplify rational expressions. Full disclosure to anyone looking at this blog to catch up on work and gain a wider perspective of the class (I know I have) I was sick and absent for… Continue Reading →

Socials climate discussion

Here is the link to the google drive, getting this file there was a huuuge pain. But eventually over 100mb was uploaded. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QeVuvZyb5F5J8QcSQt14ivTDUCt880Oz/view?usp=drivesdk

Week – 11 Solving Inequalities

This week has been about solving inequalities. Practically it is almost the same as what we have already been doing with solving equations, with the added step of establishing broad conditions for x. Here is an example of the method… Continue Reading →

The Poverty Cycle and Intervention

Week 8 – Analyzing Quadratic Equations

This week we learned how to view equations properly to glean information. Before this we’ve simply been solving them, now we look deeper into immediate observations we can make about how these equations would look on a graph, without actually… Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Factoring With The Quadratic Equation

The quadratic formula is most people’s end all be all with quadratic equations, and today we shall delve into it. The point of this though is to see how you can manipulate the raw inputs before you just dump them… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Factoring Polynomials

This week we did a bit of review from grade 10, factoring polynomials. The notation for this process is quite a drag to do in edublog, so I have compiled it into an easy paper.

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