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Week 2 – What have I learned about sequences?

Sequences has been an interesting unit. I didn’t think I’d learn as many new things as I did, or improve. It seemed a very easy concept at first, and simple, but nothing in math is easy and simple if you delve… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Arithmetic Sequence

  Our week 1 blog post is about arithmetic sequences, and how to display their rule, sum, or specific sequence number. In this short post, I will show each step to solving an arithmetic sequence in all of the above… Continue Reading →

Flame Lab – Chemical Correspondence

                                                      As electrons get excited with heat they raise in energy level. When they… Continue Reading →

Nature Or Nurture Paragraph

The debate of Nature vs. Nurture has a long history. When genetics was a more primitive subject based upon lines of lineage and punnet squares, a lot of thinking for where traits came from was purely nature. Still, nurture supporters… Continue Reading →

Making A Solution Lab – Chemistry 11

Should Universities Lower Their GPA Requirements?

     Universities are becoming increasingly burdened with people, fees, and decreasing government engagement. Universities are flooded. This is especially true in our area, where the number of significant campuses are few compared to our graduating population.      … Continue Reading →

Socials Confederation Questions

New Brunswick. Representation in government, Railway building, free trade. Push as hard as we could, and try to get as many people on our side as possible Not pushing for expansion westward into ruperts land, everyone opposed. Mostly, yes. It… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare, Was it really him?

I believe that shakespeare did write his work. In the book, “King of Shadows” it talks more in depth about the repationship between mr. Burbage and Shakespeare. There could have been more to be said about their relationship and the… Continue Reading →

Shakestory – Much Ado About Nothing

Bard in the classroom reflection

Bard on the beach’s presentation was quite good, however, take it with a pinch of salt. It had decent exercises, warm-ups and activities even if they were a little excessive. The situations they put us in created a great atmosphere… Continue Reading →

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