Science app review

My problem is that i have trouble focusing on my studying in my classes at school, so i  wanted to find an app to help me study for not only science but also my other classes.

What i found was an app called Flash Cards that allowed me to make flash cards and help me study for testes and quizzes. All i had to do was put whatever question i wanted on the front of the card and type the answer on the back side of the card. It only took me all of 3 minutes to figure out how the app works, but the app was maybe to simple because i couldn’t do more than what i wanted to do with it, however being a simple app helped me understand it better because apps are meant to be simple and fun.pic-2pic-1

The app really helped me study for my final test in science i spend about an hour making a series of questions then studying them the days before the test. It worked out for me because i got a better mark on the final test than i did on the quizzes before.

In conclusion the app was very useful and i will be using it in the future to study in my science class but also in my other classes.