Mutation Story

Hi my name is Joe the gene and this big nuclear facility got build next to where i live. I got mutated, it changed the way i think which in turn gave my body a third eye. Sure my body could see better but, i dont think it needed a third eye. My body lived on until a fisher man caught it. A reporter saw the fish and put it in the papers, the public was ragging at the nuclear facility so, they got put under investigation. The facility was under investigation for months then they found it was there fault and they got shut down. The End.

Van der Graff generator

Wednesday in science class we used a Van der Graff generator. A Van der Graff generator is a generator the uses a belt to create friction which makes static electricity. I learned that you can use static electricity sorta like a magnet in the way that it attracts metal flacks to you when touching the Van der Graff generator. The part i liked the most was when we used the generator to attract the confetti to the hand of one of the students that was really cool. I think the activity is important because its important to know how static electricity works not only for education but also for safety for example when your older something in your house could have been building up a charge and someone could touch it and get shocked or you could notice what is going and de-charge it.

Science app review

My problem is that i have trouble focusing on my studying in my classes at school, so i  wanted to find an app to help me study for not only science but also my other classes.

What i found was an app called Flash Cards that allowed me to make flash cards and help me study for testes and quizzes. All i had to do was put whatever question i wanted on the front of the card and type the answer on the back side of the card. It only took me all of 3 minutes to figure out how the app works, but the app was maybe to simple because i couldn’t do more than what i wanted to do with it, however being a simple app helped me understand it better because apps are meant to be simple and fun.pic-2pic-1

The app really helped me study for my final test in science i spend about an hour making a series of questions then studying them the days before the test. It worked out for me because i got a better mark on the final test than i did on the quizzes before.

In conclusion the app was very useful and i will be using it in the future to study in my science class but also in my other classes.

Testing for Vitamin C

On Friday are science class learned how to observe and compare and contrast six different liquids. At the start of the experiment the liquids we mostly blue however during the experiment if you added a liquid with a high level Vitamin C then the colour would change however if the liquid did not have a high level of Vitamin C the colour would not change.


Before we mixed:


On Friday we did the experiment to learn why does the amount of vitamin C affect the colour of mix of chemicals. In the experiment i did my half of the work witch included writing down notes and mixing the chemicals while my partner did his half. It is important to know these things because the drinks with lots of vitamin C are good for you.

After we mixed:science-after




img_1094For the alignment of the the cards we organized by the amount of Grobles that the elements had and what the element reacted and did not react to. I learned that working with a group can be hard if only one or two people are working but if all the people in the group are working equally as hard than the experience of a group project will be good, also i did very much enjoy the activity because we had a fun time making our very own table of elements.