Digital footprint

When you’re young you make some decisions before really thinking about what you’re doing and that could lead to bad things happening to you in your future like you could be going to a very good university/college but they find some old post you made and they kick you out of the school, or you get a good job opportunity but the company has to make sure you’re a good person so they look through your old tweets and they find that you are not as good as they thought you were so they take away the opportunity.


To keep your digital footprint safe then you must THINK before you post stuff, you shouldn’t post things that people may misinterpreted as being racist, sexist ect, don’t post inappropriate pictures that may lead to something happening to you in the future.









Things I would pass on would be things like THINK before you post things, don’t put things on the internet that you will regret for your whole life cause once it is one the internet is will be there forever and don’t put personal information like who you dated or what you did last week at a party because that could affect how you look to others or how you look to your bosses or piers. boss-talking-to-emplyeeguy-thinking