COL video project

From this project i learned that the story the Sea Devil is more than just a story about a fisherman. It represents society and how if we dont change our way we could end up like the man in the story. I learned how edit a video better using a editing program. I learned that when everyone pools in there ideas and as a group you pick your strategy it comes out with the best result.

The man who landed on the Hudson

Chesley Sullenberger was the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 which if you didn’t know was the plane that landed in the hudson river after take off and he is the reason that all 155 people survived that day. Sullenberger or “Sully” known by most was the captain of US Airways Flight 1549 taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York but it never reached its intended destination. Shortly after the plane had taken off it ran into a flock of geese hitting the engines and loosing all power from them. Sully tried to turn back and land at the airport but he wasn’t going to risk the lives of the people on the ground so he decided to land the plane on the Hudson river. He was getting no thrust from his engines and wouldn’t be able to land anywhere else and he thought it was a good plan so he and his co-pilot went threw with it. They had to get the plane over the river, slow its speed and land it without hurting anyone, and thats exactly what they did. They successfully landed on river saving the lives or 155 passengers, in the end Captain Sullenberger was the last person to get off the plane after making sure all passengers and crew were off. In my opinion Captain Sullenberger is a great hero and was treated that way in the end but i’m sure that many people had no clue who he was and there are probably still people who don’t know who he is. Those 155 people could have faced a different fate but Captain Sullenberger saved their lives, thank you Sully.

Mutation Story

Hi my name is Joe the gene and this big nuclear facility got build next to where i live. I got mutated, it changed the way i think which in turn gave my body a third eye. Sure my body could see better but, i dont think it needed a third eye. My body lived on until a fisher man caught it. A reporter saw the fish and put it in the papers, the public was ragging at the nuclear facility so, they got put under investigation. The facility was under investigation for months then they found it was there fault and they got shut down. The End.

Émission #2 – Les Sports



Titre du podcastLes Pensées

Description du podcastL’idée générale de notre podcast est de donner les opinions à propos des sujets qui ont d’importances à nous.

Émission #2: Les Sports

Description de l’émission: Dans cette émission nous voulons parler à propos des sports, quelle sports en joue et pourquoi en jouent au sports.

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