Making Babies

Little Eggo here has a few noticeable traits like, a prominent “butt chin”, freckles, dimples, big lips, brown eyes, hair and eyebrow hair however the eyebrow hair seems darker because he has thick eye brows, i love his ears, with a detached ear lobe, Darwin’s ear points and present ear pits.

  1. The coin flip is a nice representation of how a baby can look because flipping a coin is 50-50 and when making a baby there is only 2 involved partners there for its 50-50 as-well.
  2. It accurately represents life because it is like i said before 50-50 on what traits the baby will receive from its parents however it doesn’t include things such as, some sort of disease the baby might have to alter its appearance or a multitude or things that could happen during pregnancy or during birth that can alter the appearance of the baby.
  3. I cant really find any about little Eggo because he resembles myself quite a bit however i completely agree that there are prejudices about beauty and how people think you should look, and i think a lot of that comes from celebrities and people wanting to look like them. For example a guy might be expected to have a jawline, abs and big arms but this simply is not true.