Science 9

This is my URL for my personal Sway on savannas. URL: Execute We were told to use Sway and distributed work between four people to complete four Sways on four […]

Part 1: Hey there! In case you didn’t know, I’m a rare genetic disorder called haemophilia, or hemophilia. If I need to be more exact, I’m hemophilia B. I appear […]

Our video on inevitably one of the weirdest races ever. Still, we did well and that’s all we need. The ruler 500 video, which we would show but is a […]

My question was why hydrogen can be positively and negatively charged. I really wanted to know because every book and website I checked all said that hydrogen was a gas. […]

Copper (II) chloride, also known as CuCl2, is a deadly chemical that can affect your respiratory system, liver and your kidneys. It will corrode aluminum, is noncombustible and has no […]