1. The device that we have chosen to look at is a fan.
  2. The literal way of using it would definitely be to blow wind at something like a fan does, but there could and would be countless ways of using it for something completely different. For daily classroom usage, the teacher or a “lucky” student can have the fan going to cool themselves down during class.
  3. I have mentioned this in previous occasions, but my knowledge of Micro:bits is quite limited. It took me quite an effort just to get the basic coding to make the fan properly function. In this code sequence, the Micro:bit says “hello” before the fan starts, because politeness is good. When button A is pressed, the fan will go at full speed. When button B is pressed, the fan will stop. However, when both are pressed, the fan will go at half speed.

I believe there are a multitude of ways in which Micro:bits can be used in the classroom for different functions. It can be a simple format of coding that the students can use to make various things happen. The Micro:bits can also be used with the other “toys” that come with it, such as the note maker that can be linked with a decibel measurer so that it makes a sound when the class volume gets too loud. In my current classes, there is no apparent way in which the Micro:bits can be used to enhance our classroom learning experience, but in other classes there will certainly be numerous beneficial ways.