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  1. Our project is to stream various major events happening around the school on the school YouTube channel. The point of this project is to allow students and teachers to view any of these events from their classrooms and even their homes.
  2. During our streams, it is very likely that we will run into multiple problems. For example, during the Move4Mana presentation stream, we were not ready beforehand. We were unable to do a test run to ensure it worked, and that led to us taking much longer time to get the actual stream working perfectly. Furthermore, once it was working, the stream computer decided that doing a system update and reset minutes before the presentation began was a great idea. It took some extreme patience, but we eventually got the stream working, at the expense of a tardy audio quality. These problems will likely emerge in future streams, where the equipment will have issues, where the stream will have difficult times syncing due to the weak internet connection, etc. Another “problem” might be that people just don’t watch the streams at all, since that would be a problem with the pertinence and importance of such streams and the lack of advertisement.
  3. To complete these projects, it is important that every single group member is able to use the streaming equipment and program, that they know how to set up the stream and how to keep it going with the YouTube channel. This will allow us to be able to set up the best quality stream possible. It would also be good to know how to effectively advertise the streams beforehand as well so that more people within the school can be aware of the stream before the event happens. For example, when the Team Canada Women’s National volleyball team had a scrimmage at our school, not many people knew of this event other than school volleyball players. This led to a smaller number of people watching the streams. With the proper advertising, these major events can gain more support in the future.
  4. A timeline for each stream
    • 1-2 weeks prior: Mr. Gee tells us the background of the stream, we send out advertisements letting people know of the stream
    • Couple days prior: Use equipment and try test run to ensure streaming equipment is functioning properly
    • Day(s) of: Stream the event; ensure that at least two people are running the stream just in case
    • Days after: Reflect on what went wrong and make sure that the mistakes are not repeated in future
    • Prepare for next possible stream.