There were many strengths to using the DiVi builder. I was able to personalize my blog in so many different ways. I had never imagined adding a countdown timer or a live-updated poll tracker for the upcoming federal election. I personally hated customizing my blog, but this time, I spent almost an hour just trying to work certain stuff. I found the customization method particularly useful because it was now so much more easier to create a blog that is both aesthetically pleasing while it is easy to see at the same time. With the new page layouts and the features, it will probably be much easier for people to see important information and have fun exploring the blog too. 

Although the DiVi builder is amazing in many ways, there were certain issues I experienced during the usage. For example, while I was customizing my blog, I was trying to add my site title like my old version used to have. However, even if I wrote it down, the live updates would not show up and there would be no site title other than DiVi’s logo on the center of the top of my blog. I spent fifteen minutes trying to find how to make my title show up, but still was not able to do so. I also believe that while it is very pleasing to see, it takes a lot of time to fully customize and it is highly likely that a large percentage of students and teachers simply will not care about all these new features. It just isn’t something that most people will want to put the time into, because the usage of the Edublogs is not diversified. 


I personally do not think that DiVi will be a great tool for a classroom environment. Other than unparalleled personal customization and easy navigation, there is no other impact that it demonstrates. Teachers and students are still doing perfectly fine with the current Edublog formats and themes, and since this method has never showed constant defects other than lack of creativity, people will feel no use for DiVi. I would like to use DiVi just so I can tap into my nonexistent artistic instincts. The DiVi plugin would allow me to make my blog like never before with all sorts of extensions and modifications, but they would never have any impact for classroom and academic reasons. I believe that most people will agree with me in the sense that DiVi is not advanced enough so that it can replace Kahoots or textbooks and such, and until that happens, DiVi just won’t be a factor that enhances learning experiences. However, I would definitely recommend DiVi to others just so that they have a way of giving life to their own blogs.