interviewDay by day, the world is going more digital by the second. To make sure that your career would be a good one, knowing how to effectively use a digital device is key. For example, my dream job is an astronomer. A key element in astronomy these days are programs on electronic devices. Science has now evolved from using manual scientific devices to all kinds of awesome on computers. Having a digital portfolio helps to ensure my employer, whoever it may be, that I am capable of using technology in a positive way possible. Also, almost all jobs use technology in some way, and it is essential that you have no problem using the electronic device. A digital portfolio would show that I can use technology quickly and easily.

You want to make sure nothing inappropriate or unsafe you’ve done is out to the publicinternet-effect. That would not only affect your social life, but you would have a harder time in job interviews when the employers check your digital portfolio. Making sure that you can safely control everything you see and do in the Internet will ensure having an appropriate digital footprint. Everything you post, comment, even look at on the Internet is in the history and that will never disappear. Being cautious about what you do digitally will help leave a positive digital footprint. You need to be cautious, but you also want that others are cautious with anything that has to do with you. Anybody can post something that makes you in danger of anything or will affect you. It might be a school peer, or even your best taking-photos-and-videosfriend. You might not want them to post anything about you doing something bad or weird, and you might tell them not to do so all the time. But he/she just might do it, and that ends up affecting you, not them. Especially when you try to get a job and your employers looks for yourself on the Internet and finds out that you did something bad or inappropriate when you were young. Lastly, you obviously want to avoid doing anything wrong and seeing yourself on social media, but you want that the world sees how good of a person you are. If employers had a choice between an Honour Roll student that good-social-medianever did any bad in their life, but didn’t really have a digital portfolio and a normal student who wasn’t as good as the first one, but showed virtually everything he wanted to show on social medias and had a great digital portfolio, the employers would most likely choose the second student. So to summarize that very long sentence, you don’t want to hide yourself from this world, and you need to show what is needed to be shown.

Now all this information is useless when you’re the only one that knows and follows it. To make the digital world a better place, everything using a digital device, especially someone-telling-someone-elsadolescents ages 10-17 need to know how to use their technology effectively and cleanly. Of course, to share this information, you could go around door-to-door and tell people personally. But that’s a method that people don’t really use these days. So you could put up posters and announcements everywhere. That works, but most people don’t really turn their eyes to those kind of stuff. Nowadays, with people using and social media as early as 6 years old, the most effective way to get people ‘listening’ to your comments would be on social media. Place a post explaining all your ideas about positive digital positive-postingfootprints and awesome digital portfolios, then ask your friends that share the same ideas as yours to spread it and send it to other people. They might not look, but it is the best way to create an impact on the world.


So share it, post it, show the world who you are and what you can do, but make sure that it doesn’t get too out of hand and that people won’t see you differently in a bad way.






Interview–                                                 Google Handcuffs-                                                                                    Photos–                                                                                                                                 Good Social Media–                                                                                                                                           One way to send info–                                                      Making an Impact–


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