Power Poverty Proposal Post

When we Skyped Catherine Nakabugo and her class we learned a lot of different things that they do at Uganda. We learned many different things but what intrigued me the most is the fact that they have 21 school subjects because at Riverside Secondary we learn 8 different subjects throughout one whole year. Talking to Catherine and her students was a new and very interesting experience, it was interesting because we learned that they go to school at different times than we do here in Port Coquitlam and also they do not have much energy but they do have a skype room and they also have a pool at their school.

Something we can do to help Uganda with their energy problem is make little solar panels like Mr. Robinson did with one of his other classes but instead of little solar panels the other class made little water filters. If I wanted to do this i would need help which would probably be Mr. Robinson and my classmates.

The materials i would need to do this is a small solar panels and wires. A step I need to take is providing solar panels and materials we would need to make a mini solar panels to help Uganda.