Safety Story

One day David had a science experiment, the experiment was to try and make a bomb using chemical reactions, but David did not wear safety goggles while heating up the chemicals using test tubes and a hot plate. This was when David took his eyes off of the heating chemicals to talk to his closest friend Daniel about his cat. When David looked back at the chemicals he left for thirty minutes to heat it EXPLODED and went straight into Davids eyes because he wasn’t wearing safety goggles. David rushed to the eye wash station to cool his burning eyes, while he was cleaning his eyes the water went up his nose and he got a headache.

David can now barely see anything so his amazing friend Jason tells the teacher to call 911 so David can get rushed to the hospital. The ambulance came to take David to he hospital and give him a 5 hour eye surgery, when David awoke he noticed he could not see anything but he could hear the voices of his family, his parents tell him that he is now blind and can never play video games ever again, nor can he do his favorite hobby, looking at himself him the mirror. For the next few weeks David chose to stay home, but today he went to school to try to make a cure for his eyes, so he calls his friend Daniel to test his eye cure he made the other day. So David gets to school and meets up with Daniel and Daniel takes off his glasses and David pours the cure and long story short Daniel ends up going blind. Now David knows the importance of safety goggles and using human test subjects.

The fire symbol means that it is highly flammable

and the skull symbol means that it is very harmful or deadly.