One Minute One Take – Thank You Ma’am



Short Story Film paragraph


In my groups short story film, we created settings by going behind the school, so it would be a bit darker, and behind the school it looks somewhat like an alleyway and there was a corner that I could come pop out of to steal the big lady’s bag. A way that we created characterizations was by taking off my shoes because the character that I was acting as was poor and they were in a poor neighborhood. A way that we created character relationships were by the big lady beating up the kid aka me and then kidnapping him to feed him and clean him up and she also gave him money to buy shoes. We created the intro when the boy tried to rob the big lady. I think the rising action/climax was when the woman beat the kid and took him to her house, and I think there was no falling action, but the conclusion was when she gave the kid money. I think the life lesson of the story was to not steal but earn your money and to see from the other persons perspective because you can never know what they are going through.

I was one of the protagonists in my short film and I did the narration over the video. A thing I think I did well while we were filming our short film is acting I think I did a pretty good job getting beat up. I could have done the narrations a bit better by adding a bit more enthusiasm. We communicated through emails.