The Nightmare Before Christmas Summary

Jason                                                                                                                                                                     May 1, 2019


Page 1: Jack Skellington was sick and tired of scaring people and how people avoid his eyes, he wanted more to his life, as he was walking he found a great big wooden door

Page 2: He walked through the door and landed in Christmas Town, he was happy to find lights and colours, he brought a bunch of “souvenirs” to show his friends where he went because if he didn’t they wouldn’t have believed him, he took everything back to Halloween, his peers were in awe, jack wondered why they got to be happy and he didn’t, he thought it was unfair, so he kidnapped Santa

Page 3: He told Santa his master plan and Jack became Santa for the year, Jack’s best friend dog Zero with his nose so bright is “Rudolph”, they begun to deliver presents

Page 4: Jack tries to be St. Nick but it wasn’t the same his ho ho ho sounded like groans, the children thought he was ugly, he delivered scary presents, the people were shooting at Jack, but Jack thought they were fireworks meant to congratulate him.

Page 5: Jack flew away, got hit by a missile and landed in the cemetery, Jack was sad because he thought he could do a good job as Santa, but he was not, Santa tried to make Jack feel better, Santa brings Christmas to Halloween.

Jack tried to be Santa and it did not work out, the initiating incident is when Jack finds the giant door, the climax is when Jack kidnaps Santa and trades spots, the conclusion is when Jack realizes he is not Santa and Santa brings Christmas to Halloween. The type of poem is narrative.

Rhyme Scheme: aabbcc

Poetic devices in the poem: Simile, Personification, Onomatopoeia