Cremation of Sam Mcgee Questions

    1. Where was Sam McGee’s hometown?


    1. Why was Sam traveling in the Arctic?

    For gold


    1. What was the last request that Sam made to Cap?

    His last request was to be cremated


    1. How did Cap feel about his promise after some time had passed?

    Did not feel the best about Sam’s last request but since he made a promise he felt like he had to


    1. What happened to Cap’s sled dogs? How did this make things worse for Cap?


    Dogs were tired, and they were running out of food


    1. Why was Cap unable to cremate Sam’s remains in the wilderness?

    Nothing to burn his body

    1. Where did Cap ultimately cremate Sam’s remains?

    At the cabin


    1. Hours after placing Sam’s body in the boiler, Cap looked inside. What did he see?


    Sam mcgee

    1. You know that theme is the message the author wants you, the reader, to walk away from this poem with. What is the message/theme Robert Service is trying to share with you? Be able to support your theme with evidence from the poem.


I think the theme is “You wont always get what you want.” Because Sam Mcgee went to search for gold in the Arctic but ended up dying from the cold.




  1. What does this passage mean to you, “In the days to come, though my lips were dumb, in my heart how I cursed that load!”


What this passage means to me is that Through the years he said dumb things that he regrets or didn’t want to say




  1. In your opinion, why didn’t Cap go back on his promise? Sam would have never known!


I think Cap didn’t go back on his promise even though Sam would have never known is because Cap saw Sam die and couldn’t do anything about it so the least he could do is fulfill Sam’s last request





  1. What really happened when Cap opened that boiler? Did he really see the ghost of Sam? Was he hallucinating? What do you think, and why do you think this?


I think Cap saw a hallucination of Sam when he opened the boiler because Cap was Cold and tired from the lack of food and water that he started to see things that were not there.