Community Connection Alternate


I would like to volunteer at Hyde creek and help with children.

This volunteer opportunity could benefit me because if i ever want a job in the future it can help the interviewer want to hire me.

I am passionate about getting involved within this field because i remember going to Hyde creek camps when i was younger and i loved it, so i would like to give other kids the same experience.

Bubble tea cashier

I would like to work as a bubble tea cashier because this can help me with experience for a different job in the future. I would need to be able to learn quickly, be able to work in a team environment, be friendly and kind and be able to build relationships. The qualities i would bring to the job would be friendliness, being able to work in a team environment and learning quickly. The steps i need to take in order to be suitable for this job are being less shy, making a resume, and be able to work in a busy environment.