Sugar Detectives

I found it surprising that a SMALL Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen has 68 grams of sugar and it concerned how much sugar I have been having daily. I also didn’t think a junior chicken sandwich from McDonald’s would have 5 grams of sugar, if such a small burger has that much sugar I am wondering how much sugar a regular burger has.

HG journal A

The Hunger Games: Journal Entry #2


Comprehension Questions:

Chapter 2

  1. How does Katniss save Prim from the Reaping?

Katniss saves Prim from the reaping by volunteering as tribute


  1. How did Kat’s mother react to her husband’s death?

Kat’s mother was affected heavily by her husband’s death.


  1. Describe Kat’s only previous encounter with Peeta Mellark.

Kat’s only previous encounter with Peeta mellark was when Peeta saved Kat from people sending Kat and her sister to a Public home for children.

  1. Why do people put their three middle fingers to their mouth and put them up?

People use the three-finger symbol as a sign of goodbye to a loved one, admiration and thanks.

Critical Thinking Question:

Write in complete sentences and in paragraph form

Journal 2: In your own life, when was a time when you felt defeated? How did you regain your confidence? (Chapter 2)

In my own life I felt defeated when I realized I wasn’t very good at something I enjoyed doing but I regained my confidence by telling myself that it doesn’t matter if I am not good at it, as long as I am having fun its ok.

Critical Thinking Question #2 – Write a short flashback from your own life – try and remember a time someone did something really nice for you, for no real reason. What happened? Why do you think they did this for you?

When I was 4 years old I had just moved to Canada with my mother, I had no idea that I would be living here from now on so I was happy. I had no knowledge on the English language, the food was different and everyone and everything was different from back home. My first day of school I was scared and worried that everybody will think that I am weird because I only knew three English words, yes, no and thank you. I walk into class sit in the circle get introduced and it was free time, I was in the corner playing by myself until one boy walked up to me and started to play and talk to me even while knowing I didn’t know English. We later became very good friends. I think they did this for me because he was also new and wanted to make friends.

Chapter 14 and 15 Journal Entries


  1. Theme

Using your topic sheet – find TWO topics that are looked at or highlighted in these chapters – Write a THEME statement for both of these topics that can be proven using evidence from chapters 14 and 15

Hope can overpower negative emotions



  1. Define:
  2. sated – to satisfy
  3. astronomical – very large
  4. eradicate – to destroy completely
  5. putrid –very unpleasant
  6. Comprehension


Chapter Fourteen

  1. How does Katniss escape the Tributes waiting for her beneath the tree?

Katniss escapes the tributes by

  1. What does Kat realize right before she passes out?

Katniss realizes that Peeta just saved her life right before she passed out


Chapter Fifteen

  1. What did Kat get from Glimmer’s body? Why is this significant?

Kat got a bow and arrows from Glimmer’s body, this is significant because Katniss couldn’t get it as the games started so she wasn’t able to fight but now that she has it she can fight.


  1. Why does Kat want Rue for an ally?

Kat wants rue for an ally because she likes having company and rue is helpful and she reminds Katniss of prim

Chapter 18

  1. How is decorating Rue with flowers a sign of protest? What is she protesting? Why won’t it be shown much on television?

Decorating Rue with flowers is a sign of protest because Katniss is showing the Capitol that she isn’t just a “piece of their game.” They won’t show it much on television because the gamemakers don’t want people to cry and get emotional over the game.


  1. Why do the Gamemakers change the rules?

The Gamemakers change the rules because the Gamemakers want more action because if people team up there is less people that fight eachother and the games will end quicker and people will have plans and the Gamemakers can show that on television.

20 Dollar Potato Day

By: Paige, Jason, Jennavie

Unit 3, Block B

Breakfast Hash browns cost 3.18

These hash browns are a simple recipe but it taste amazing and its been eaten for years and years to come, these hash browns with some sauted onions and ketchup is a simple yet tasty breakfast.

Lunch mustard crusted potatoes costs 10.28

These mustard crusted potatoes are a great side to any meal weather it be a burger, a salad or a steak or fish. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to make

Dinner costs 5.38


total costs 18.84


The Nightmare Before Christmas Summary

Jason                                                                                                                                                                     May 1, 2019


Page 1: Jack Skellington was sick and tired of scaring people and how people avoid his eyes, he wanted more to his life, as he was walking he found a great big wooden door

Page 2: He walked through the door and landed in Christmas Town, he was happy to find lights and colours, he brought a bunch of “souvenirs” to show his friends where he went because if he didn’t they wouldn’t have believed him, he took everything back to Halloween, his peers were in awe, jack wondered why they got to be happy and he didn’t, he thought it was unfair, so he kidnapped Santa

Page 3: He told Santa his master plan and Jack became Santa for the year, Jack’s best friend dog Zero with his nose so bright is “Rudolph”, they begun to deliver presents

Page 4: Jack tries to be St. Nick but it wasn’t the same his ho ho ho sounded like groans, the children thought he was ugly, he delivered scary presents, the people were shooting at Jack, but Jack thought they were fireworks meant to congratulate him.

Page 5: Jack flew away, got hit by a missile and landed in the cemetery, Jack was sad because he thought he could do a good job as Santa, but he was not, Santa tried to make Jack feel better, Santa brings Christmas to Halloween.

Jack tried to be Santa and it did not work out, the initiating incident is when Jack finds the giant door, the climax is when Jack kidnaps Santa and trades spots, the conclusion is when Jack realizes he is not Santa and Santa brings Christmas to Halloween. The type of poem is narrative.

Rhyme Scheme: aabbcc

Poetic devices in the poem: Simile, Personification, Onomatopoeia

Eggs at Home!

Breakfast/Brunch: Ham and Cheese Omelette

Cheese and ham omelette

A ham and cheese omelette is a easy but delicious way to start off the day.

Lunch: Egg wraps

This is a delicious but quite healthy egg wrap that contains cheese of your choice, spinach, avocados and slices of ham.

Dinner: Egg in Burger

Image result for egg burger

This tasty but healthy egg burger is a flavorful dish that contains veggies so it is perfect for dinners or picnics.

Foods Journal – Consumable Waste

The amount of food I eat is mostly packaged, because i mostly eat frozen foods because i have to make myself food. The packaging it comes in is usually hard plastic or in big plastic bags, I think these are mostly used because it probably keeps it more fresh than paper bags and you can lock it so it doesn’t make everything fall if you pick it up from the bottom by accident. It is a positive because it is easy to carry around, like try to carry fifty dumplings with just your hands, it is a negative because i am not the best at recycling so i tend to put them in my garbage can, and that is not good for the environment. The waste starts to accumulate and goes to waste or it goes into the ocean where ocean wildlife could eat it thinking it is food and get hurt.