TOKTW 2018

Name of host: Moonyoung Yun

Relationship to you: Cousin

What is your job title: Main chef

Job description: Make waffles and coffee

Training?: General know;edge of making coffee

Education?: No education needed

Experience?: No experience needed

Personal Quality?:  Creative mindset

What are some things you like about the job?: Like to make waffles and coffee

What are some things you dislike about the job?: Rude customers

How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years?: Will do good once we renovate and change menu

3 reasons I would like this job?: Work with family, good wifi, and not much things to do

3 reasons i would dislike this job?: Rude customers, minimum wage and constantly walking around

Is this job for me?: I do not think this job is for me because I do not really enjoy making coffee and waffles and cleaning tables.

Explain the values of TOKTW.: I personally think TOKTW is good because now I know i do not want to work at a waffle house but may head into the cooking area.