CBL For our Uganda innovations


3. I learned that Uganda is struggling with water and energy problems.

4. I learned that people in my class are making water purifiers and solar powered things and i made connections with catherine nakabuko.

Currents from the kitchen

1. I think the lemon or the potato will produce the most electric voltage because they use it in tv shows.

The potato went up to 0.5 volts and the orange also produced 0.5 volts and the apple produced 0.4 volts, we could not see how many volts the lemon produced because we did not have enough time so my hypothesis was correct because the potato produced the most volts but surprisingly the orange produced the same amounts of volts.

Climate change week three

Climate Change Presentation – Script-234ko2t

Climate Change Presentation (1)-29zils4

  • The questions we needed to research were, how does climate change affect our daily lives, what are the problems we are facing because of climate change, what causes climate change, how can we help reduce climate change, what would happen if we do not reduce climate change, and what are some organizations that are trying to prevent climate change.
  •  The digital tools that we used to complete this assignment are, youtube, wikipedia, and google
  • The process we used to investigate this topic We used the internet to gather information.
  • We verified the sites by looking into different sites to see if the information matched up
  • The process of completing this assignment was fairly good but there were some bumps along the way, what I could’ve done better is use more class time and do MORE work at home to help speed up the process of completing this assignment.

Power Poverty Proposal Post

When we Skyped Catherine Nakabugo and her class we learned a lot of different things that they do at Uganda. We learned many different things but what intrigued me the most is the fact that they have 21 school subjects because at Riverside Secondary we learn 8 different subjects throughout one whole year. Talking to Catherine and her students was a new and very interesting experience, it was interesting because we learned that they go to school at different times than we do here in Port Coquitlam and also they do not have much energy but they do have a skype room and they also have a pool at their school.

Something we can do to help Uganda with their energy problem is make little solar panels like Mr. Robinson did with one of his other classes but instead of little solar panels the other class made little water filters. If I wanted to do this i would need help which would probably be Mr. Robinson and my classmates.

The materials i would need to do this is a small solar panels and wires. A step I need to take is providing solar panels and materials we would need to make a mini solar panels to help Uganda.






Safety Story

One day David had a science experiment, the experiment was to try and make a bomb using chemical reactions, but David did not wear safety goggles while heating up the chemicals using test tubes and a hot plate. This was when David took his eyes off of the heating chemicals to talk to his closest friend Daniel about his cat. When David looked back at the chemicals he left for thirty minutes to heat it EXPLODED and went straight into Davids eyes because he wasn’t wearing safety goggles. David rushed to the eye wash station to cool his burning eyes, while he was cleaning his eyes the water went up his nose and he got a headache.

David can now barely see anything so his amazing friend Jason tells the teacher to call 911 so David can get rushed to the hospital. The ambulance came to take David to he hospital and give him a 5 hour eye surgery, when David awoke he noticed he could not see anything but he could hear the voices of his family, his parents tell him that he is now blind and can never play video games ever again, nor can he do his favorite hobby, looking at himself him the mirror. For the next few weeks David chose to stay home, but today he went to school to try to make a cure for his eyes, so he calls his friend Daniel to test his eye cure he made the other day. So David gets to school and meets up with Daniel and Daniel takes off his glasses and David pours the cure and long story short Daniel ends up going blind. Now David knows the importance of safety goggles and using human test subjects.

The fire symbol means that it is highly flammable

and the skull symbol means that it is very harmful or deadly.