The Nightmare Before Christmas Summary

Jason                                                                                                                                                                     May 1, 2019


Page 1: Jack Skellington was sick and tired of scaring people and how people avoid his eyes, he wanted more to his life, as he was walking he found a great big wooden door

Page 2: He walked through the door and landed in Christmas Town, he was happy to find lights and colours, he brought a bunch of “souvenirs” to show his friends where he went because if he didn’t they wouldn’t have believed him, he took everything back to Halloween, his peers were in awe, jack wondered why they got to be happy and he didn’t, he thought it was unfair, so he kidnapped Santa

Page 3: He told Santa his master plan and Jack became Santa for the year, Jack’s best friend dog Zero with his nose so bright is “Rudolph”, they begun to deliver presents

Page 4: Jack tries to be St. Nick but it wasn’t the same his ho ho ho sounded like groans, the children thought he was ugly, he delivered scary presents, the people were shooting at Jack, but Jack thought they were fireworks meant to congratulate him.

Page 5: Jack flew away, got hit by a missile and landed in the cemetery, Jack was sad because he thought he could do a good job as Santa, but he was not, Santa tried to make Jack feel better, Santa brings Christmas to Halloween.

Jack tried to be Santa and it did not work out, the initiating incident is when Jack finds the giant door, the climax is when Jack kidnaps Santa and trades spots, the conclusion is when Jack realizes he is not Santa and Santa brings Christmas to Halloween. The type of poem is narrative.

Rhyme Scheme: aabbcc

Poetic devices in the poem: Simile, Personification, Onomatopoeia

Blackout Poetry Reflection

  1. I don’t mind doing blackout poems but I would choose not to do them if I had a choice because I find it hard to know what word to look for if I don’t know what poem i’m going to write.
  2. They did help me create opinions on current events in our world because if I never made blackout poems out of newspaper articles i would have never known about certain events.
  3. I used “Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.” I think I used this one because while i was making my poem it was frustrating at first but once i got the hang of it, it started to become fun.
  4. The hardest part about creating my blackout poem was finding the right words because i did not know what I was going to write so I did not know what words to look for.

Cremation of Sam Mcgee Questions

    1. Where was Sam McGee’s hometown?


    1. Why was Sam traveling in the Arctic?

    For gold


    1. What was the last request that Sam made to Cap?

    His last request was to be cremated


    1. How did Cap feel about his promise after some time had passed?

    Did not feel the best about Sam’s last request but since he made a promise he felt like he had to


    1. What happened to Cap’s sled dogs? How did this make things worse for Cap?


    Dogs were tired, and they were running out of food


    1. Why was Cap unable to cremate Sam’s remains in the wilderness?

    Nothing to burn his body

    1. Where did Cap ultimately cremate Sam’s remains?

    At the cabin


    1. Hours after placing Sam’s body in the boiler, Cap looked inside. What did he see?


    Sam mcgee

    1. You know that theme is the message the author wants you, the reader, to walk away from this poem with. What is the message/theme Robert Service is trying to share with you? Be able to support your theme with evidence from the poem.


I think the theme is “You wont always get what you want.” Because Sam Mcgee went to search for gold in the Arctic but ended up dying from the cold.




  1. What does this passage mean to you, “In the days to come, though my lips were dumb, in my heart how I cursed that load!”


What this passage means to me is that Through the years he said dumb things that he regrets or didn’t want to say




  1. In your opinion, why didn’t Cap go back on his promise? Sam would have never known!


I think Cap didn’t go back on his promise even though Sam would have never known is because Cap saw Sam die and couldn’t do anything about it so the least he could do is fulfill Sam’s last request





  1. What really happened when Cap opened that boiler? Did he really see the ghost of Sam? Was he hallucinating? What do you think, and why do you think this?


I think Cap saw a hallucination of Sam when he opened the boiler because Cap was Cold and tired from the lack of food and water that he started to see things that were not there.

Eggs at Home!

Breakfast/Brunch: Ham and Cheese Omelette

Cheese and ham omelette

A ham and cheese omelette is a easy but delicious way to start off the day.

Lunch: Egg wraps

This is a delicious but quite healthy egg wrap that contains cheese of your choice, spinach, avocados and slices of ham.

Dinner: Egg in Burger

Image result for egg burger

This tasty but healthy egg burger is a flavorful dish that contains veggies so it is perfect for dinners or picnics.

One Minute One Take – Thank You Ma’am



Short Story Film paragraph


In my groups short story film, we created settings by going behind the school, so it would be a bit darker, and behind the school it looks somewhat like an alleyway and there was a corner that I could come pop out of to steal the big lady’s bag. A way that we created characterizations was by taking off my shoes because the character that I was acting as was poor and they were in a poor neighborhood. A way that we created character relationships were by the big lady beating up the kid aka me and then kidnapping him to feed him and clean him up and she also gave him money to buy shoes. We created the intro when the boy tried to rob the big lady. I think the rising action/climax was when the woman beat the kid and took him to her house, and I think there was no falling action, but the conclusion was when she gave the kid money. I think the life lesson of the story was to not steal but earn your money and to see from the other persons perspective because you can never know what they are going through.

I was one of the protagonists in my short film and I did the narration over the video. A thing I think I did well while we were filming our short film is acting I think I did a pretty good job getting beat up. I could have done the narrations a bit better by adding a bit more enthusiasm. We communicated through emails.

Community Connection Alternate


I would like to volunteer at Hyde creek and help with children.

This volunteer opportunity could benefit me because if i ever want a job in the future it can help the interviewer want to hire me.

I am passionate about getting involved within this field because i remember going to Hyde creek camps when i was younger and i loved it, so i would like to give other kids the same experience.

Bubble tea cashier

I would like to work as a bubble tea cashier because this can help me with experience for a different job in the future. I would need to be able to learn quickly, be able to work in a team environment, be friendly and kind and be able to build relationships. The qualities i would bring to the job would be friendliness, being able to work in a team environment and learning quickly. The steps i need to take in order to be suitable for this job are being less shy, making a resume, and be able to work in a busy environment.