Science wonder project

How does understanding the affects that will occur if our sun disappears help us prepare for this outcome?

Without the sun the earth would be a frozen planet in the first year so the only way to survive such temperatures would be to get as close to the core as possible.

We would not be able to breathe because solar energy is turned into oxygen through plants, but good news is that we would still be able to breathe for the first 1000 years because there would be enough oxygen to last us the first 1000 years on earth, after that we would all die.

At first, we would not notice for the first 8 light minutes (light minutes are the distance light can travel in a minute. We would not be in the gravitational pull of the sun and start flying around in space in a straight line.

When the sun burns out earth would be cold enough to freeze the top layer of the ocean but creatures that live deep under water won’t have a problem.

In order to survive we would need to dig as close to the earths core as possible and start a civilization there, or we would need to find a way to live at the bottom of the ocean without our bodies being compressed into nothing.

4 thoughts on “Science wonder project

  1. I think that it’s really interesting how our eyes wouldn’t notice that the sun was gone for 8 light minutes. I also always thought that everything would be effected and we would all die if the sun disappeared, but it’s cool to know that if we could live at the bottom of the ocean or dig down really deep that we could survive. This is a really good question and you did a good job answering it!

  2. The topic and the concept in which this project was written is fascinating! This project showed me a deep description on how our world can turn out without the sun. Some things that can be changed within this project is to separate the sentences through periods so that the reader can have the time to think about this topic. Other than that, the project was well written and it gave me a full understanding on what would happen when the sun dissappears

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