Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work I will…

  1. Make sure to use all of the safety equipment provided by the employer.
  2. Report and health and safety hazards or violations that I know about.
  3. Refuse to perform any unsafe work.


To keep others safe at work I will…

  1. Communicate with all of my co-workers so there are n0 accidents.
  2. Not engage in any kind of horseplay or similar conduct.


Worksafe videos / stories

  1. The Matthew Bowcott resonated me the most.
  2. Because the first job I got was at a fast-food place, which deals with oil and has the dangers just like Matthew’s workplace.
  3. I can learn that we should always refuse unsafe work, and that we should always be careful and trust our instincts if it tells us that something is unsafe.

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