Community connection alternate

  1. Volunteer opportunity: Easter arts and festivals and crafts See the source image
  2.  Employment opportunity: Mcdonalds cashier

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I chose Mcdonalds cashier for a volunteer opportunity because i cant get money for just volunteering and i can saved that money and i can invest it in the future and experience being a cashier. Being a cashier you have to get up early in the morning and improve your communication skills because being a cashier you have to communicate with the customers and workers. I also choose Easter art celebration the reason why is it’s an important community event and you can learn a lot knowledge skills and you can help people get around and assist them with activities and that can improve your communication skills. Also have a better understanding on how jobs in the future might work when you get a job and work full time.


Mind map science 9

Mr. Robinson i don’t know why this is so blurry but i am going to just re write the whole the thing.

  • Source of power
  • Dam: How dams make electricity
  • Windmills: How are windmills source of power
  • Coal: How is coal source of power
  • Conservasation of electricity
  • Turning the non important things off when in your house: How does turning off your light minimize your electricity
  • Hand washing the dishes: How washing dishes can minimize your electricity
  • Heating and cooling: How does heating and cooling help minimize your electricity
  • Use natural light: How can natural light help minimize electricity
  • Static electricity
  • Rubbed a balloon on your head: Why is does your hair get attracted when a balloon is rubbed on your head
  • Cirquits (paralled / series)
  • Short cirquits: Is short cirquits dangerous





Eggs at home

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This Filipino scrambled eggs.

This dish is my, go to dish if really hungry i would cooked because this dish is very easy

The ingredients you need in here is 4 eggs, 1 tomatoes, 1 big onion sliced, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of garlic pepper powder, cooking oil.

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This dish is called tortang talong.

Tortang talong when i was in the Philippines my dad would always cooked tortang talong for me he would always cooked for breakfast when i wake up in the morning i always see him cooking tortang talong.

The ingredients used in here is eggs, eggplant, teaspoon of salt.


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This dish is called Palabok.

Palabok is a Filipino food and every time their is party one of my family members would always cooked it and it taste really good,

The ingredients you will need are hard boiled eggs, cornstarch sticks, small sliced of pork, shrimp, lettuce, 1 and in half on smoked fish flakes, 6 table spoon of cooking oil,1 and in half cups of water, 1 in half table spoon of fish sauce, 1 tsp of ground black pepper, 3 table spoon cooking oil, 1 and in half cup dropped of scallions, 1 and in half dropped of chicharon which you can buy from a Filipino store, 1 cup of nappa cabbage sliced into small square pieces.


food Journal Consumable Waste

The first following question is how much of these food come in different packaging. A lot a food come in different packaging like how they package eggs differently then like a cereal box. It really depends how they package because if the item is like an egg, eggs are fragile there probably going to package them differently then the others it so item inside won’t crack.

The second following question is what kind of packaging are usually used (styrofoam,cardboard box,plastic,bags,boxes or ect.)? Depends what items are in the packages because if its fragile there probably going to used styrofoam so the items wont break easily. But if you buy shoes they come in different packaging inside, the packaging usually comes with like plastic or paper. But if you order a laptop it mostly comes with a cardboard an styrofoam to protect.

The third question is why do you think all these materials were chosen specifically for the products purchased. I think that there specifically chosen for the product purchased and mostly used cheap items like plastic materials that they used for like everything basically and other materials like boxest,yrofoam,cardboard box,plastic or paper.

The fourth question is how is packaging both positive or negative for the consumer (the person using it.)?  it could be negative and positive the negative part i think is that if you reuse food packaging like paper of plastic material but it’s safe or positive to reuse glass because you can clean it. It can It could be negative for the nature also if there using plastic for the packaging people don’t care so they just throw the plastic anywhere. The wind can blow the plastic into the ocean. I don’t know if this is positive but cheap materials like plastic could be positive because it’s affordable easy to get there easy to provide.

The fifth question is what happens to these packaging materials after we have eaten the food inside of them. The materials probably get moldy and the materials probably just gets thrown anywhere and the material is going to get inton ocean.

The sixth question is where is the packaging waste after one day? One year? One hundred years.? It gets put in the recycling and the materials probably gets reuse or people just throw anywhere and it could get into to are ocean. In one hundred years are ocean is going to be filled with plastic paper and all kind of stuff. Fishes might even go extinct.

The seventh question is what happens to the food waste. theirs a potential that it might affect the global warming. Food waste could get into landfill and it generates methane and a greenhouse gas potential of trapping and produces heat in are atmosphere.

The last an final question is what 3-4 suggestion for ways that consumers can decrease the amount of waste we create. Put your garbage or food what ever thing you don’t need to the right storage. The second  suggestion after you eat and you have some left overs you should save it and eat it later and don’t just throw it where ever you want at least put it in the right storage or trashcan

What i learned about my digital footprint

How might digital footprint affect your future opportunities, they can track down the things that you have done in the past so if i was you i would keep my digital foot print appropriate. The second example, Some body track down this person digital footprint and it affected them really bad because you can possibly lose a job, if they find anything that’s not appropriate.

Describe at least three strategies that i can use to keep my digital foot print appropriate and. One strategy i guess is don’t post stuff in the internet like smoking or doing drugs because that would be really dumb. Second strategy think before you do something that’s not appropriate. Third strategy is i guess just be smart in what you do because you don’t know what can happen because you could be doing really good could have a job, but someone finds something in past of you like doing drugs or something else then your probably gonna lose it

What information did i learn that i would past on others. I would tell them to keep there digital footprint, appropriate because if your doing good in life, i learned that some body can track down your digital footprint. What ever your doing in life that’s making you successful you can possibly lose it because if they tracked something down that’s not appropriate.