Week 5, Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned conversion. As you can see on the picture we learned some Metric prefixes and the metric number lines, we also learned how to convert using the strategy that you see up top on the picture around the bottom. The Metric prefix can also spell out “King Henery Doesn’t […]

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Week 3, Math 10

This week what I learned was about the negative exponent and how you turn it into a fraction when you have one. For example, if you have 8x to the power of negative 3 (-3) it turns into 8 over x with the power of 3  

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Week 2 – math 10

In the first week, I learned about LCM and GCF. LCM or lowest common factor is when you have a small number that is a multiple of two numbers, a GCF or greatest common factor is when the highest number can divide into two or more numbers. I also learned about the number system, The Real […]

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