Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 3

This week we learned about Absolute Value of a real number, when we learned it in class it wasn’t too bad. somethings that took me a while to get was when the fractions was in the square roots, for example: this was a bit confusing for me at first since i didn’t really know the […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 2

This week in Math 11 we learned about Geometric Sequences and Infinite Geometric Series. Geometric sequence is when each term is being multiplied by a constant known as the common ratio so for example say your is 3 and your common ration is 2 so from to would be 3, 6, 12, 24, 48. These […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc , Week 1

This week we learned about Arithmetic Sequence, I found this week not very hard although one thing that made it kind of hard for me was one of the formulas that we needed to use, the formula was this formula it was only hard because i didn’t know how to use it correctly, as shown […]

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Spring Lab Videos

    This wave is the Periodic wave, we know that because the wave is recurring at regular intervals This is a Tranverse Wave, we know this since there was a disturbance at a right angle to the direction which the wave will travel This is a longitudinal wave, we know this because the spring […]

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