Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 6

This week in Math we learned about Quadratics and one main thing that i liked about this week was the Quadratic Equation which is X=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt(b^2-4ac)}{2a} this equation is very helpful for solving since its an equation and all you need to do is plug in then solve which i find very easy and helpful when solving. Using this equation is very simple as well. first you start out with your normal polynomial 4x^2 - 12x + 3 = 0 and then too fill in all the letters your a=4, b=12 and c=3 so when you play everything in it would look like this X=\frac{-(-12)\pm\sqrt(-12)^2-4(4)(3)}{2(4)} so now you would just do simple BEDMAS and do everything thats in the brackets first like so X=\frac{12\pm\sqrt144-48}{8} and then you would subtract the 48 from 144 which would be X=\frac{12\pm\sqrt96}{8} and then you would simply the radical turning it into X=\frac{12\pm4\sqrt6}{8} then you would divide everything by the number outside the radical which is 4 to simplify it more making the final equation X=\frac{3 \pm\sqrt6}{2} and that’s how you solve using the Quadratic Equation, one thing with this equation is that it only works if there is a =0 at the end of your polynomial if not you would have to factor it normally or make it so it would =0 at the end of the polynomial.

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