Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 3

This week we learned about Absolute Value of a real number, when we learned it in class it wasn’t too bad. somethings that took me a while to get was when the fractions was in the square roots, for example: \sqrt {\frac{12}{25}} this was a bit confusing for me at first since i didn’t really know the steps, but after learning the steps i now know how to solve this question.

  1. you would want to change it so both the 12 and 25 have square roots like so \frac{\sqrt {12}}{\sqrt {25}}
  2. Then you would want to find the numbers that multiply into 12 but keep them both square rooted like so \frac{\sqrt {4} x \sqrt {3} }{\sqrt {25}}
  3. after that you would want to square root all the numbers and your final anwser should be \frac {2 \sqrt {3}}{5}

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