Week 13, Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned about functions, relations, domain, and range. a function is when you only have one partner like a husband or wife you can only have one. a Relation is when you have multiple similarities like you and your friends, Domain is the X and Range are the Y. In this photo, you can see all the different types of functions, relations, domain, and range. for 1. the mapping and T charts always have the Domain of the left and the Range on the right, also you can see the arrows for the mapping it’s either going in a straight line or they are pointing in different directions like G and H, they would be considered a Relation. A function would be F where the numbers don’t have any other partner and they only have one partner. On question 2., the ones that have lines or dots going over each other are considered relations because they have similar numbers but ones that have just straight lines are the ones that are functions, see a pattern between the mapping and the graphs, also the Domains and Range are pointed out as you can with the Domains being X and the Ranges being Y . I think that this week was a little hard cause there were somethings that I didn’t really get like the relations and functions were sometimes hard to read because I didn’t clearly know which one was which.                                   

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