Week 10, Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned more about factoring and we learned new ways to factor as you can see in the photo we learned how to factor using a 2 x 2 box but we have a phrase that also helps us to determine what type of factoring that we will need to use to solve this equation. The phrase goes by C.D.P.E.U, the letters all stand for something the C stands for Common, so for an example you need to find something common in the factors. D stands for Difference, so what are they different and how are they different, are they different in numbers or in coefficients. P stands for PatternĀ so what kind of pattern can you find in your equation, for example, are both numbers positive or are the numbers the same just look for some type of pattern. E stands for Easy, what we mean by easy is are the numbers easy to work with is the X by itself are the numbers small enough that we already know the pattern, that kind of stuff is what we mean by easy. and U is for Ugly, so, for example, are the numbers big like 5 or 6 next to the X.

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