Little Red Riding Hood – Narrative Poem

Little Red Riding Hood


There once was a girl who wore a red coat

Here’s her story, so please take note

She carries a basket, humming a happy tune

While delivering sweets around Saskatoon


But Red Riding Hood was not sweet or nice

The words in her songs would make you think twice

Little red riding hood had an evil intention

The wolf wasn’t the bad one that you should mention

Red thought grandma was old and smelly

She felt the disgust deep down in her belly

She hated giving grandma her candy and sweets

Red thought it was unfair that she took all her treats!

“I’ll find a way to get rid of my gran!”

So, she started to cook up a terrible plan


Mother prepped little red with her basket of stuff

All the while little red stood in a huff

She didn’t want to go to grandma’s, not one bit

But her plan was a good one, she had to admit.

“Let’s go visit grandma! Let’s help make her day!”

“Fine,” Red grumbled, “But I’ll make her pay.”


Red skipped into the forest, her basket swinging

Her lovely voice was merrily singing

But her song was not lovely as she was singing a plan

To get rid of Grandma as soon as she can

Into the forest went little red

To make sure that her grandma was dead

There she met the wolf, who was big and hairy

But he didn’t scare little red, she knew he was legendary

If someone could kill grandma she knew it was him

But she needed to hurry; soon the sun will be dim

So she sat down with wolf, but just for a second.

“Wolf will help me,” Little Red reckoned.

“Hey Mr. Wolf, hope business is great.

I’ve got a job for you and I’ll pay you in cake!”

There’s an old lady, I need you to eat,

She’ll be a bit of a tough piece of meat.

She doesn’t smell good, so she has to go,

Please keep this a secret; no-one can know!


The wolf agreed, he’d eat meat and then cake,

He licked his lips; his hunger was not fake.

Red told him just where Grandma would be,

And when he was done, she would bake him his fee.

Off he dashed to find the Grandma’s home

But when he got there, he let out a loud moan

He knew this old lady, he knew her well

She was kind and gentle, anyone could tell.

Grandma had once helped the wolf when he was caught in a snare,

She freed him and nursed him when there was no-one to care.

The wolf liked Red’s Grandma, he liked her a whole bunch,

There was no way he would consider eating her for lunch.

He had to tell her about Red’s evil ways

And put a stop to all this today


Though Grandma found it hard to believe,

Wolf and Grandma had a goal to achieve

They came up with a plan to fix that Red,

The wolf dressed as Grandma and jumped into her bed.

Grandma hid in the closet and then Red appeared

With Wolf dressed as Grandma, Grandma was alive Red feared.

‘You’re alive!’ was all that Red had to say

The wolf knew right then that Red had to pay.

He leapt out of the bed and swallowed her whole,

No need for a fork or even a bowl.

Grandma and Wolf then decided to bake,

Because Wolf still felt like he needed some cake.


A short while later, the huntsman came by

When he heard what had happened, he let out a cry

He had overheard Red and the Wolf making their plan,

He hurried over to help wherever he can.

It turned out different from what he had heard,

He had thought that Red’s plan was quite absurd.

Together the huntsman, Wolf and Grandma drank tea

The end of the story is plain to see.

Grandma used Red’s sweets to decorate the cake,

That Red has turned out to be quite a snake!


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