Grammar Talks – Semicolon

The semicolon is used mainly to connect two independent clauses about more or less the same subject. This is without using any conjunction words such as and, or but. You wouldn’t need to use a capital letter after a semicolon as it is seen as a mix between a comma and a period. However, they are not interchangeable with a comma and a period; a semi colon is stronger than a comma but does not mean a full stop like a period does. A semicolon can also be used in a list setting when trying to separate unclear ideas, such as naming places.

Some examples of these rules are:

  1. The semicolon bandit escaped again; we just missed him at the park.
  2. I was going to follow the grammar rules; but I decided to rebel against the grammar government. (this is a misuse of the rule)
  3. The semicolon bandit has attacked Vancouver BC; London England; London Ontario and Manchester England.

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