Do you think we are too reliant on technology?

Technology is a very important part in all our lives, yet dependency and over reliance is not a problem for our society. Technology has always been an integral part our society, and generations have used different forms of it. Evolution has helped us improve the way we use these resources that help better our lives. In hospitals, our new technology allows us to save many more lives than previous statistics. Last year, there were about 80,000 who died of the flu, however in 1918 an estimated amount of 50 million people died of the flu, and due to modern technology, we were able to save thousands of lives from an illness. My grandmother suffered from the flu which lead to pneumonia, but with the modern medicine and technology they were able to get her back into strong, healthy conditions. In conclusion, technology is an important asset in our lives however we are not over dependent, we are just using it too our advantage in society.

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