RAC Week

What did you notice about the people who benefited from the RAC?

When she read the letter, her eyes started tearing up. She had a big smile on her face and I knew that it made her feel warm and happy that she had such an impact on one of her students. After, she gave me a big hug. She was also very grateful that I had taken the time to write the letter.

What did you notice about yourself?

When I was writing the letter, I found myself getting very emotional because it was very meaningful and special. It included why I admire her and why she is such an amazing person. I also found myself tearing up because it made me reflect how much she meant to me and how doing this felt so nice, knowing I was going to do something nice/meaningful for someone.

How did performing a RAC contribute to your personal awareness and responsibility?

It contributed to my personal awareness because it made me aware on how I can have such an impact on other people. It also impacted how I have social responsibility to make our community a positive environment. It made me aware of how important connections are with other people.

Did you enjoy this RAC? Would you do it again? Would you change it, if so, how?

I really enjoyed this RAC because it was something that not only made someone else’s day but also that had a personal connection to me. I would definitely do this again to someone else because it made the other person very happy, and in a way it humbled then.

How did it contribute to your leadership skills?

This contributed to my leadership skills because I took responsibility in writing the letter. I also took the initiative to make someones day and make them smile. I was bringing a positive environment to our community; it felt really great and I know I will do this again soon.

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  1. It’s amazing how powerful it can be to let people know how they impact us, but how infrequent we often show this. Thank-you for your reflective post.

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