Mini Inquiry Poem


Look up

Look up at the stars

Glimmering in the darkness

Guiding us through tough times

Filled with hope, helping the explorers travel to paradise.

You’d easily miss the awaiting adventure;

Look up from your phone.


Look up at the trees, standing strong

Filled with life; a homeless shelter for the wondering creatures.

The oak tree and the cypress grow not in each others shadow

They are both strong, apart yet together.

You’d walk by missing their impact;

Look up from your phone


Look up at the buildings

The pollution, economy taking over, cutting down the trees,

The stars disappeared

The darkness has consumed us

Now blocked by the steel fence or whatever the case may be

We look down

Ignore mother nature

She will thrive even though we will falter

But you only watch,


And the sign flashed out it’s warning

Yet we continue to text

Bing, I’m stopping global warming

Beep, I’m helping the environment

Looking down glued to the beeps

That will eventually leave us all looking up

As the world crumbles down



This poem written by Janna Grant is written about being aware of our environment, and the use of technology. She connected the two by saying that society has stopped paying attention to how amazing our world is, and instead we are on our phones. We are destructive when it comes to our earth, and Janna demonstrates that we are ignoring the destruction. She managed to capture how we always talk about saving our environment, yet we aren’t putting our ideas into action, we only text about the things we could do instead of doing it. Our environment is very important, and humans are careless, not realizing that our earth is taking the strain of us not caring. We are so focused on saying that we will help our environment, but we never actually do anything to prevent destruction. Janna used many different literal devices and combined the two ideas very well together.


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One thought on “Mini Inquiry Poem

  1. Janna – a very powerful poem… I love the cheeky line: a homeless shelter for the wandering creatures’ – clever as all of nature is a sanctuary. You also managed to capture 451 in that we are distracted by devices from the issue around us. My only complaint is that you did not discuss inquiry in your rationale.

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