Money Makes Sense

Three things that are in my fixed budget

  1. Groceries
  2. Savings (For future house and car)
  3. Pet care

These things are in my fixed budget because they are necessities to life. For groceries, you can’t live without food so it becomes one of the first things on the list. Another thing is savings, because for my life in the future I will need money in order to get started. Lastly pet care. I have two puppies, and so they are in constant need of shots, more food, medication for runny stomachs etc…

Three things that are in my want budget

  1. Makeup
  2. Dance Classes
  3. New shoes

These things are on my want list because they are not necessities in my life, but I would like to have them. For makeup, I don’t need makeup, but I like to wear it sometimes so I want it but I don’t need it. I don’t need to take dance classes but I like to dance and so I want to take them but I don’t have to. Lastly new shoes. Who doesn’t like new shoes! But I have old shoes that work as well so I don’t really need them.


If I needed to save money I would probably not do as many dance classes and definitely not buy as many clothes. I don’t usually buy much for myself, most of my money goes into savings for University and buying a house. So I already place most of my money in savings.


In each month I probably save about $100. I babysit, as well as help my dad out at his work, cleaning the office and filing paperwork. And that is while paying for dance classes and any extra things I want. The maximum I could probably manage to save by choice would be $150, but I could save a lot more without dance classes.



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