My environmental interactions

How you do things throughout your life and throughout your average day tend to have an impact on the environment, big or small, positive or negative. For every time you go to the washroom, and every time you print off a worksheet it effects the environment. I will now describe one of my average days, to show my environmental decisions and the impact I make.


To start off my day I will go to the bathroom. That will equal about 6 liters of water already. Then I will brush my teeth and go to eat breakfast I always eat all my breakfast, so there wouldn’t be any food waste there. During the day I snack on things, such as granola bars and rice krispie squares, so that would create garbage. At school, I try to do everything that I can digitally so that saves ink and paper. Something else that happens, is that I drive around in a car multiple times throughout the day. That creates a lot of fuels in the air, and creates air pollution. For my meals, almost all the food we buy is from the store, and very little is organic, which means the fresh food probably used pesticides, which are unhealthy for the environment as well. Another thing that happens in my daily life is laundry. We don’t usually do Laundry every day but we try not to use bleach. Bleach is dangerous to the environment as well.


I feel that most of my decisions have a positive impact on the environment. My first example is going digital. I do many things digitally now, especially to do with school work. If you look at the total amount of paper and inked saved because I’m going digital, it has a good positive affect on our environment. Saving paper helps the biosphere, as paper comes from trees, which are living things, that are also vital parts in the environments. My next example is that we try to buy B.C grown food, because we know that it creates a more sustainable food system. Also when transporting foreign food, it puts extra strain on the environment. Another thing that I do is try to conserve water. I never leave the water running while brushing my teeth, and I also always put our dishwasher on a shorter cycle to help conserve water as well. I also try to take shorter showers to help conserve water. Another example is food waste. My family tries very hard never to waste any food after meals, and we use a food waste bin so that it goes to compost and will be recycled in the environment. Another good thing I do is that whenever I go shopping (mostly for groceries) I take re usable fabric bags, that way we don’t have to use any extra plastic ones, as those create landfill and our not healthy for the environment.


Their is always room for improvement when it comes to our environment. Some things I could do to change my daily life in order to help the environment would be to take public transit, and to carpool more. We usually drive a lot in a day, and it would be much better for the environment if we biked to more places, or if I took a bus from school to dance, and from dance back home. I would say that this is my biggest fault as we do drive a lot, which creates a lot of negative fuels in the air. Another thing we could do is waste. We do tend to probably throw out a little more then necessary in our house. We are good with recycling and food waste, but our general garbage could be a little more then it needs to be.


Overall most people don’t treat our environment correctly, but every small thing we do has an important impact.


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