Edible DNA

Today in class we learned about how DNA strands function, and how the 5′ & 3′ first strand matches as the opposite on the other side 3’&5′. A and T is opposites and G and C are the opposite. The first strand given to us was TAC GTA TGA AAC The equivalent for the other side is ATG CAT ACT TTG. We used licorice as the backbone and mini marshmallows representing the chemicals. Guanine (G) is Green, Cytosine (C) is Pink, Adenine (A) is Yellow and Thymine (T) is Orange.

Bellow is a picture of our DNA strand, and then it straightened to show the chemical/marshmallow order.

edible-dna-strand       win_20161208_11_25_31_pro

DNA makes up who you are. 46 DNA strands are found in the nucleus of each individual cell. It tells proteins what shape to form.

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