1. Abstinence is the only way to make sure that you are 100% safe from contracting an STI.

2. Birth control DOES / DOES NOT protect a person from contracting STIs.

3. Bacterial STIs can be cured with antibiotics.

4. Viral STIs are not curable.

5. Name and explain at least three ways to protect yourself from contracting an STI

  • Abstinence – Not having sex at all.
  • Condom use – It can help pass STIs when being sexually active
  • Monogamous relationships – Having only one partner at a time.
  • Vaccinations – Vaccinations to help prevent the STIs.
  • Routine testing – Going to be tested before being sexually active to check that you don’t have an STI.

6. Why are routine testing and early detection such an important aspect of your sexual health (if a person is sexually active)?

Early detection and treatment of STIs can help decrease any complications for you and your partner. For woman there are lots of consequences when STI’ go undetected. You may not notice any symptoms so it is important to have a routine testing to know if you are infected. It is also important because some STIs are permanent and can have negative results and you want to keep from spreading it to your partner.

7. What does HIV stand for and what do each of the words mean?

a. H – human (affects humans)

b. I – Immuno-Deficiany

c. V – Virus

8. Can a person actually die from AIDS? Explain. 

A person can’t die from aids, the die from opportunistic infections. Those are other colds and viruses that happen when you have aids that can’t be fought because of your weakened immune system.

YOUR THOUGHTS: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Why? (your response should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences) “If two people can’t talk about the possible consequences of having sex together, they are not ready for the level of involvement.”

I do agree with this statement, because if you aren’t comfortable enough to trust and to talk to your partner about a serious topic such as the one above, you are probably not ready to have sex with your partner. To go anywhere in a relationship, you have to be open about your feelings and what you want to do, and not being able to talk about sex means you aren’t mature enough or ready enough to handle it. As well as if you can’t talk about it without giggling or feeling extremely awkward then you probably aren’t ready or mature enough to have sex.

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