ENERGY Do you have adequate energy (without excessive fatigue) for the following?

• Work or school? YES

• Recreational activities? YES

• Meeting emergency or stressful situations? YES

If you regularly participate in physical activity, have you noticed any benefits to your physical shape? (ex. fat loss, dimension loss, muscular definition, posture, etc.) If so, list the benefits.

Yes, Almost every day of the week I participate in dance classes. Some of the benefits is muscle strengthening, flexibility, stamina and always staying in good shape. In general my dance class is in very good shape and also slim and muscular in certain areas.

Do you like how you look? Is there anything you can do that will result in you liking your physical shape more?

I do like how I look. I think that I am in control of my physical health, and feel that I am in good shape. I am definitely stronger than some girls my age, and have certain physical qualities that dance and tae kwon do have given me. For my physical shape I could possibly eat healthier, but other than that I am happy with how I look.

PERSONAL WELL BEING Do you feel better when you are fit/when you exercise? YES

Explain: I find that after I do an activity that requires energy and physical fitness type activities I always feel happier. After an hour or two of a dance work out or after gym class I feel good about myself. Since I put a lot of effort into the physical activities I know that I have worked hard. If I go a couple days without dancing or doing a type of exercise I find that I can get grumpier than usual. After I get the exercise in I instantly feel happier and better.

Do you know the difference between feeling fit and feeling unfit? YES

Explain: Yes I do know the difference between feeling fit, and feeling unfit. When you feel fit, you tend to feel happy because of endorphins. For most people after they exercise, it gives them a type of rush, and makes them feel good. When you feel fit, you are comfortable with your body. You can also participate in sports easily as you have more energy, and won’t get tired as quickly. When you are unfit, you tend to get tired much easier, and tend to be more stressed. When you are fit you can live a happier life style. This doesn’t apply for everyone, but for the most part this is the difference.

SAFETY (answer the following based on the sample situations)

Do you feel physically capable of meeting an emergency such as a fire in your home? YES

If you underwent a serious operation, how do you think your current physical condition would affect your recovery? NO DIFFERENCE

Explain: I don’t think that I am fit to the extent that if I were to have an operation it wouldn’t speed up recovery, but I am in good enough shape to not have it slow down my recovery. I feel confident that the recovery process would be a normal recovery.

If a car is speeding out of control, do you have the strength, speed, agility and reaction time to avoid getting hit?         I THINK SO

OPTIMAL PRODUCTIVITY On average, how many school days do you miss per year for medical reasons? 0-2 / 3-5 / 6-10 / 11-15 / 15+ Do you think a person’s fitness is connected to the number of sick days they take? YES  

Explain: I think that if you are not living a healthy life style, and are not physically fit it can take a toll on how easily you get sick. When you get sick, it is because your immune system was weakened, and is fighting away the virus. It is related to your fitness because if you are active and are physically fit, you tend to live a healthier life style. The more active you are, the healthier you are, which will help you not get sick. When you are fit, you have more energy, which will also help to fight viruses before or during when you are sick.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS If you maintain your current physical condition 30 years from now, are you more likely or unlikely to suffer from any of the following ailments: postural defects, heart disease, degenerative bone disease, high blood pressure, low back pain, and stress-induced diseases like anxiety and worry. Are you currently willing to take steps to avoid the above listed problems? YES

Explain (what and why): I am prepared to take the necessary steps to avoid the listed problems that could happen in the future. To prevent these problems, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. The food that you eat has an affect on your body and can cause certain problems as you age. Another thing you could do to prevent problems is surround yourself in a positive environment. Usually the people you are with and the activities you do will affect the way you live and your health. If you are in a positive scenario it can help prevent or reduce anxiety and stress.Lastly, to make sure to stay active! Many health problems come from not staying active and being fit. The reasons above are just a few examples and I’m sure that there are plenty of other ways to avoid these types of problems.

LIFE SPAN There is evidence that physical fitness can contribute to a longer life span. Make predictions about your level of participation in fitness and activities in the future.

At 20 years old my fitness will be: POOR FAIR STRONG I will participate in the following sports/fitness-related activities: At the age of twenty, I think that I will still be fit and active, as I hope to continue on taking dance, and doing musical theater. I do not want my profession to be either of these two things but I still enjoy them thoroughly. I also think that as I get older and am in my twenties I will have found other sports and activities that I enjoy doing and that will keep my fit. I also think that I will go to the gym, and use different machines to stay fit.

At 40 years old my fitness will be: POOR FAIR STRONG I will participate in the following sports/fitness-related activities: At the age of 40, I think that my fitness will be fair/moderate. I think this because even though I probably will not be dancing, I will still go to the gym and hopefully take some classes such as yoga, or pilates. I will still be in more or less in good shape.

At 60 years old my fitness will be: POOR FAIR STRONG I will participate in the following sports/fitness-related activities: I think that at 60 years old my fitness level will be fair. I think that because I will have stayed active throughout my life I think that my fitness will continue to stay at a fair level. I’m not exactly sure what activities I might participate in but I think that my fitness level will remain fair.


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