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Problem: In science, we conduct many labs and experiments. Students could have a problem with dangerous chemicals. What would happen if one spilled? You should always know the chemical and be prepared before hand. Is there an app that could tell you all the dangers of the chemical you are using and what to do in case of an emergency? What would happen if something spilled or had a reaction when the teacher wasn’t there? Or what if something gets onto your skin and you don’t know if its toxic or not?


An app where you could type in the substance/chemical and it could come up with details.

An app where you could scan a chemical and your device could identify the unknown substance and warn you of dangers.

A list of all the chemicals and their dangers, as well as any important information about the chemicals that someone might need.

An app that you can type in the experiment and it can tell you the dangers and when to be careful and what precautions you should take with all the different chemicals/substances.

An app that shows all the reactions a chemical has when mixed with another chemical.

An app that you can type in the colour, odor, texture etc. and it will come up with what it is and also what type of reactions it might have.


safety-science-app1      safety-science-app2      safety-science-app3

Chem Safety         The list of chemicals                Filters

Process: The app Chem Safety is a list of every single chemical and most elements in alphabetical order. If you click on a chemical, it will come up with a list of all the hazards and exposures. It also tells you what to do if that specific chemical spills, comes in contact with your skin, inhalation and what to do if it gets in your eyes. It gives a description on how it reacts to other chemicals and elements as well. Chem Safety also offers any extra information on the chemical you are working with. It offers first aid information in case of emergencies. It also supplies ideal places to store it and spillage disposal.

Below is an example of a chemical page for Sulfur.

safety-science-app5      safety-science-app6      safety-science-app7     safety-science-app8     safety-science-app9

I thought that Chem Safety gave a very clear description of the different chemicals.  It was easy to use, so almost anybody could read and understand it. It gives different options on how you would like to categorize the chemicals, depending on how you would like to view them, using filters. You can also search for the chemicals you are looking for. This app was very easy to understand and within a minute I figured out how to navigate my way around and easily use Chem Safety. This app is simple to use and the actual content is very informative. If I were to have a lab, this would give me all the information I need to stay safe and also what to do in an emergency. The problem with this app is that unless you know exactly what chemical you are looking for, it can get confusing. Because there are so many chemicals it can be a great tool, but it can be overwhelming. Chem Safety gave good information on chemical safety, but not a lot of details about the chemical itself. I think they possibly should have had a small debrief on each chemical.

Chem Safety is only available on apple products. Most kids now days have an iPhone or a Mac Book, so this app can either be a mobile app or on their computer. There are similar apps on a windows device but I found this one was very effective.

Summery: In conclusion, I found the app Chem Safety very useful. For future science labs it could prove very informative and helpful to stay safe and also use all the chemicals safely. There were one or two minor details that could have been changed, but in the overall picture, I think this app could help many science students interested in chemistry. Its simple, but at the same time very effective. It provides all the necessary information in an easy readable way.


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  1. Thanks for your thorough review. You have given me a good picture of the app and the Solution Fluency process in your review. Your screenshots helped create a clear picture of the app as well. One thought is to reflect on your own process of completing the challenge in your debrief section. Excellent work.

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