My Digital Footprint

My Digital footprint.

In this post I will be talking about my digital footprint. To start off digital footprints play a very important role on your life now and in the future. Because technology is such a huge part of our world today it is very important to have a positive impact on the internet rather then a negative one. Even though you think you deleted something the internet is generally forever. At our age, depending on what we do with our digital footprint it could affect our future opportunities. For example, if we were to swear on Facebook, or add a racist comment and a possible employer sees that they might discard your resume. But if you were to have posted some previous work you had done the possible employer would probably be impressed and interested in your work. Another example would be if you were to have a blog about yourself and your work and what your interested in, employers would take you seriously and probably hire you. It could also affect you by if you were to send something to someone, and they posted it somewhere and a possible employer saw it they wouldn’t hire you. A digital footprint would be very important for jobs in the future.


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Now I will take about some strategies on keeping your digital footprint safe and appropriate. On the internet there is some very inappropriate content. In order to keep your accounts safe and appropriate it is generally good to make social media accounts private. That way you can filter who comments and who can see what you post. Another way to keep your digital footprint appropriate is to always think before you post something on the internet. If you think about future consequences and the result would be bad you shouldn’t post it. If you think that your grandma, your mom or even your principal/teachers wouldn’t be proud of what you have posted then again you shouldn’t post it. Another example to keep your digital footprint safe and appropriate is to post positive things. Its not all about what not to post but also what to post. If you were to post projects and positive comments, you are leaving a safe and appropriate digital footprint on the internet.


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Lastly these are the things I would share what I have learned with other students. The first piece of information I would share would be to always re read and think before you post. Because if you are just recklessly posting things you might look back and ask yourself why you posted it. Another piece of advice would be to always be positive on the internet. If you want to post things post things that reflect the best of you and/or your work. I could tell the students by posting my thoughts online to inform not only my fellow students but many people so that they all can leave a positive digital footprint. I can also share the information through this post

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Thanks for reading and I hope that you can now give yourself a better and safer digital footprint.

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