Science 9

Bioethics Solution Fluency


How We Can Make Crops Survive Without Water – Jill Farrant





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I think my group and I work fairly well together. There wasn’t any clashes between group members and we all agreed to do our part that we were assigned on to do. Everyone in the group was very cooperative with doing what parts to do, no one complained or was assigned to do more work than the others. I used my skills and strengths into this project as well as the others in my opinion. Since we had to have at least three reliable sources, we each got assigned to find and use one reliable source each. My group and I used collaborative programs such as google docs and google slides so that everyone could have a hold of the project and so that everyone could work on it at the same time.  In my opinion, my group and I used our class time wisely, I personally got a lot done at school instead of doing most of it at home which was great. I felt very comfortable in my group, I didn’t feel afraid to share my ideas to my groups members; they were all very encouraging and helpful. Our was to finish our presentation a day before we had to present it and we successfully finished, though we did add a few changes after presenting it. Doing the presentation in front of a couple groups instead of in front of the class was much better in my opinion because I felt like I used a lot more eye-contact and my group and I got feedback right away.

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