“Death of a Salesman” – Setting

In the drama, “Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller who quickly placed the reader into the household of the Loman family. The Family contains the father Willy, his wife Linda, and their two boys Biff and Happy as they are trying to get by on minimal income in an increasingly growing city. Miller also introduces the what the streets of brooklyn looked and felt like during the 1950’s. Focusing closer on the neighbourhood surrounding the Loman family we learned that their small house is surrounded by high rise buildings and industrialized civilization. The streets were busy with men heading into work and women preparing the house for when their beloved husbands would be back home.  Brooklyn was constantly filled with noise as the transport trucks run through the day and the bars and pubs run through the night. The rising population began to fill all of the new jobs available in the factories making a competitive job market. Throughout the play the reader can begin to learn more and more about the day and night life of Brooklyn, New York in the 50’s.

The visuals created for this activity were created by Danielle, Tina, and Winter from Mr. Ford’s ICT 11 and 12 classes.


1) “We are aware of the towering angular shapes behind it, surrounding it in all sides” (Miller 11).

2) “As more light appears, we see a solid vault of apartment houses around the wall, fragile-seeming home” (Miller 11).

3) “A window opens onto the apartment house at the side” (Miller 11).

4) “The roof-line of the house is one dimensional; under and over it we see the apartment buildings” (Miller 12).

5) “This time of the year it was lilac and wisteria. And the peonies would come out and the daffodils” (Miller 17).

6) “Before the house lies an apron, curving beyond the forestage into the orchestra

7) “But it’s so beautiful up there, Linda, the trees are so thick and the sun is warm” (Miller 14).

8) “The street is lined with cars. There’s not a breath of fresh air in the neighbourhood” (Miller 17)

9) “The grass don’t grow anymore, you can’t raise a carrot in the backyard. They should’ve had a law against apartment houses” (Miller 17)

10) “There’s more people! That’s what’s ruining this country! Population is getting out of control” (Miller 17).

Brooklyn Facts:

1) Many concrete and glass buildings filling the streets and the skies (high rises).

2) There is a big population increase because of the increase in jobs due to the new factories arising.

3)Holds it’s industrial culture within the city .

4)Many transport trucks filtered in and out because of the many productions in the factories.

5)Brooklyn is one of the 5 boroughs in New York City and it bigger than Manhattan.